Newsblur Feeds Automatically Marking Stories As Read

This problem has been going on for months. I had started another thread about it, but the problem was never addressed.  To summarize, below is what is going on:

1.  New stories on my feeds are automatically being marked as read before I read them
2.  This only seems to happen during the day when I’m at work (a WeWork location).  I don’t experience the same problem on the weekends or in the evening while at home.  At work I access the service on using chrome browser.  I also have newsblur on my iphone.
3.  ZeroHedge is an example of one of the feeds this is happening to.

This is a really frustrating problem because I have to manually review each article to tell if I’ve read this - defeating the main reason I have the service.

I was a paying subscriber, but am waiting to renew only if this problem is fixed.  Otherwise I’ll need to find another solution.

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Is this the ZeroHedge feed you’re subscribed to?

I subscribe to it as well and it’s been working great. I’d be interested to see what’s going on. Can you post a full browser screenshot of it going wrong?

Here are the two feeds I most notice trouble with.

Drudge report has the most problems.  Even if I set my view settings to “All” and “Newest First” it auto marks them as read.  For Zerohedge, if I put the setings to “All” and “Newest First”, it won’t auto mark them - but does auto mark them if i set it to “Unread Only” and “Oldest First”