Newsblur feed list on iOS devices unreadable because of tiny font size

I see many people are complaining about the font size in Newsblur. I’m really having trouble using it on an iPad2 and an iPad mini, my usual feed reading devices (on my 30" monitor I just zoom in a couple of times). On the iPhone, I just gave up. The font size in the list is absolutely tiny. Even with my reading glasses it is a chore to read. The maximum font size for the stories (17 pt) is OK but it would be better to be able to choose 18 or 20 points.

Actually this is a basic accessibility issue that everyone will have sooner or later. So I really think it should be a priority, and should have been from the start. The developers are young, so they may not have noticed, but their users may not all be… Please think about them.

I am trying out many alternatives to Google Reader and really like Newsblur for many reasons, but the tiny text may end up a deal breaker.

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I’d like to see this for the Android app as well; it’s perfectly fine on my phone, but smaller than my aging eyes prefer on my tablets – especially my 10" model.