NewsBlur Feature Request List

According to Sam, he regularly prepares a list of features to add based on feedback on GetSatisfaction. So, here are some features I want.


* filtering based on words IN THE BODY of the feed (and not just tags or title).

#Folder management
* add/remove/move multiple feeds
* expand all / collapse all

Full text sharing

* Email entry url, title AND CONTENTS (like Safari reader) from the iOS app and webapp
* Send entry url, title AND CONTENTS to Evernote

* ability to disable default tagging of shared articles with folder name tag.
* ability to enable default tagging of shared articles with a tag (“evernote”, for sending to IFTTT).

#Feed discovery
* feed suggestions database needs an update: many suggested feeds don’t exist any more; at the same time, many newer but very popular feeds don’t feature in the suggestions.


Body filtering won’t be happening. There’s nowhere near enough demand to justify the immense amounts of extra work that would need to happen to make that work. Text is compressed, so I’d be fetching hundreds of full stories to calculate unread counts.

Folder management has been bouncing around between months, but I do plan to make this happen. I have an item on my current list for adding a folder chooser to the feed context menu, allowing you to add a feed to a bunch of different folders at once.

Tagging options are something I’ll return back to. They’re still new enough that I don’t even have them on Android or iOS. That will happen first.

Feed discovery: There are feeds that have large subscriber counts that don’t have any new stories? I can fix that easily, just by only indexing feeds with at least a single story in the past 30 days.

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How about new ways of going through feeds? I think, like most newsblur users, I read lots of feeds and need a way to make myself more efficient in reading them. This is probably why most of us chose newsblur over other services… Newsblur already is the most (by far, in my opinion) efficient no-nonsense way to read feeds.


There is an IOS app that I think hit the nail on the head and makes reading feeds actually more efficient then Newsblur itself…
Link ->

It connects to Newsblur but I want this functionality inbuilt in Newsblur as I like to be able to use it on my computer not only on my mobile. This “Grouping by subject/link” functionality especially is saving me LOTS & LOTS of time (Link ->…).

Samuel, I think the above can all be done on the user/browser end so it won’t cost you more processing power/bandwidth…

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“There are feeds that have large subscriber counts that don’t have any new stories?” --no, there are feeds suggested by the trainer, that if I select, it’s a 404 error some times. Or the blog has moved to a new url etc. I don’t have an example right now, but the next time I see this happen I will bring it to your attention.

Another point under ‘annoyances’: when I add a feed that I already have subscribed to in the past (but forgotten about) there is no warning/info prompt, like ‘You have already subscribed to this feed. Are you sure you want to add it again?’. And in fact, I just noticed that I have the same feed listed twice right above and below each other in the same folder.