Newsblur doesn't seem to like Kinja?

Kinja based sites seem to continaully cause a problem when using Newsblur on my computer. I tend to have to reload Jalopnik, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, etc, over and over again, sometimes opening in a new tab or a new window. Sometimes it puts up a bunch of text, sometimes it just says it can’t get to the site and other times it will go to the original blog page and leave Newsblur altogether. Looking for what may be the cause.


I have seen this same issue. In my experience it seem to come from the dropping of the @ symbols from the kinja urls. So when someone posts it under their “blog” it ends with their twitter handle with a @ in it.

This is the Lifehacker I’m subscribed to:…. Works well for me.

Actually this might have more to do with gawker’s feed manager. This link is an example offender.…

I submitted an email to the Kinja guys about this as well.

I heard back from the Kinja guys and they said they are looking into it so it sounds like they will be fixing it. :slight_smile:

Awesome. The Verge also had some issues, but they’re a separate blog network.

According to gawker this should be resolved now. :slight_smile: