Newsblur crashes when try to email story - iPhone & iPad apps

Problem on iPhone & iPad: when I try to email story from inbuilt newsblur browser and click on arrow at top right, app always crashes when I click on the mail icon. Have to open in Safari & then email from there.

I can click on the Message icon, twitter icon, facebook icon, but crashes as soon as I click the native apple mail icon.

Using iOS 8.1.2 on both devices and Newslbur for iOS 4.6.2

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I’m having the exact same problem on my iPad 2. Not having this problem on my iPhone 6. Maybe the iPad 2 does not have enough “horsepower”? Using last version of iOS and Newsblur.

Fix has been submitting to Apple. Should be available next week.

Thanks Sameul. Best wishes for a great new year.