Newsblur collapsing multiple entries into one.

I have a feed at….

It contains multiple entries and I want each entry to be displayed as a separate item in newsblur, but newsblur is trying to be smart and seems to collapse several items with the same title into one (and does it badly i.e. visually it’s hard to tell those separate entries apart and sometimes entries are missing)

How can I disable this behavior? (alternatively, or at the minimum, this auto-collapsing should work better and bug-free).

I’m the one generating the feed. It seems that the collapsing logic works based on the title (which indeed is the same, because it’s a feed for forum posts and I want each post to be a separate ).

I made sure that both and attributes of each are unique but despite several attempts I failed to make newsblur treat each as independent, as is my intention.

What do I need to change in my feed for newsblur to not auto-collapse entries?

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The RSS does not validate:…

You may also want to explicitly define a guid element for each entry, instead of relying on the link. I would guess that NewsBlur ignores the anchor portion of the URL, as the actual resource is named by the URL before the # character, and everything after is a named position in the document. So it’s actually entries with the same URL, and not entries with the same title, that are being collapsed.

This is meant to be Atom feed, so it doesn’t have guid element, which is an rss thing (…)

I do have unique Id for each entry but newsblur seems to ignore that.

I can’t change the url. This is forum software so it’s expected that there are multiple posts in one topic and I have a url for a topic not for each post.

I’ve already made the url unique using the only way available in this case: #fragment.

Maybe try adding a nonsense URL parameter? So instead of ……
… use ……

That makes the “document” portion of the URL unique, the extra post2 parameter will have no value and (probably) won’t do anything, and the anchor part of the URL will still jump click-thru to the appropriate position in the thread.

Everybody above is absolutely right. You want GUIDs. That way NewsBlur won’t try to merge them together because they’re too close. Also make sure they have different permalinks.


  1. This is an atom feed and it does have a unique Id for each entry which is equivalent of unique Guid for rss feeds. Is newsblur not recognizing this distinction and requires that Atom-formatted feed has guid?

  2. Permalinks already are different

The feed is generated closely following…

But the permalinks are not different. The anchor portion of the URL (#fragment) is *not* part of the permalink, as the document is the same. The anchor is more a suggestion to jump to a specific part of the document, in this case a specific post within a single thread document.

The fragment is part of the URL, making them distinct URLs.
HTTP allows you to ignore the fragment for the purpose of caching, but what newsblur is doing isn’t caching. RSS / ATOM don’t limit links to just HTTP, and even if they did that wouldn’t justify normalising out the fragment.

If newsblur isn’t taking the id element from this feed, the real question should be “does NewsBlur support ATOM”? If it does it should be using the given id, and if not it should be filed as a feature request.