NewsBlur as PWA


I don’t know the technicalities of it, but for some websites in Edge I can install them as apps for Windows (I think these are called PWA’s); I was wondering if this would be possible for NewsBlur as well.

In all honesty I wouldn’t consider this a high priority feature, but if it’s easy to set up it could be a nice addition. My main reason for using PWA’s is that I prefer the more minimalistic layout. Another is that the more self-contained nature of it is sometimes more conducive to focused reading. Then again, the website looks nice as it is, but it might be worth considering.

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It isn’t officially “supported”, but it works fine right now.

Go to, login, and select the page you want to see first, then click on Edge’s ... menu button, go to Apps, select the Install NewsBlur option, this will install it and open it.

You can view/manage your existing apps by going to edge://apps/, from here you can open an app (opening it in a new window without the browser’s visible toolbars and wrapper). You can right click on an app here to Create Desktop shortcut after the fact, and/or when an app is open you can pin it to the Windows Taskbar for easy access.

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Ahh, I feel a bit silly that this was possible all this time without me realizing haha. Thank you!

Great find, and let me know if I can help make this PWA any better. I don’t do much other than provide an icon and title, but happy to look into it more if you can provide a screenshot or description of an improvement to the PWA experience.

Some sites have a App available. Install... button in the URI bar, even your forum (of course as this is part of Discourse).

I’m not sure that it offers any functionality that would be relevant to Newsblur other than making it easy/obvious as not many people use the app function themselves, although browsers are doing a few interesting things overall.