NewsBlur app loading Daring Fireball links wrong


In recent weeks the NewsBlur app seems to not work right with Daring fireball.

DF does a lot of of link posts, where he includes an outgoing link as the title and then the body of the post has a quote from the linked piece and comments from Gruber.

The problem is that when I click a headline in the DF feed in the NewsBlur app, instead of seeing the DF post with Grubers comments, the app is displaying the full text of the linked article.

I’m using NewsBlur 7.1.3 on iOS 11.4 on an iPhone 5s.


It’s not a bug with Newsblur.

RSS feeds can contain one url per item and the Daring Fireball feed contains the url for whatever Gruber is linking to. That has the unfortunate side effect of messing up the text and story views (though the feed includes the full text).

Daring Fireball also has a JSON feed, following a newer spec which can include both url and external_url for each item. Newsblur however uses the external url for the text and story view, I’ve asked for that to be fixed but it is done that way to work like RSS feeds (which only work that way due to limitations of the spec).