NewsBlur Android 3.5.2

I had a lot of hope that this update would fix all the problems in 3.5 and 3.5.1, but nope. Just this morning, while reading Engadget’s RSS feed, which had over 100 unread RSS items, I experienced a serious issue. After going through about 15 to 20 feeds, the app refused to load any more articles. So I clicked the back button, and BOOM, the entire feed got marked as read.

I’m just not going to use the app on my phone anymore this week, because the news is mission critical for me during CES seeing as how it’s my job to write about it.

Anyway, not saying your service sucks, because I *love* the website, and boy oh boy, I sure do miss version 3.0 of the Android app. It was nearly bulletproof.

Here’s hoping for a better future.

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If the app is mission critical, why don’t you just downgrade? There was somebody who posted about how to do it.

Here’s the 3.0.1 APK:…

Sweet, thanks for a link to the APK! Couldn’t find it on my own.

There will be another release on Wednesday fixing this mark as read bug. It’s a timing bug and should be fixed soon. In order to get this release tested, I had to push it out. It’s a big change, but otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get the reproducible steps needed. I realize that you have a unique need for it to be bullet-proof this week, but I have to push things out in order to make them better.

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So, as you’ve previously mentioned yourself, some kind of beta testing with willing guinea pigs is in order, particularly for these major reworkings. Happy to be a part of this however you make it happen…

While I did like the stability of 3.0, as a user with a huge number of feeds I stand to benefit greatly from any improvement in the speed of sync so really looking forward to testing 3.5 till it’s stable…

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Have you considered using the alpha/beta programs built into Google Play ?

Well, it’s Wednesday, and I updated the app, and the exact same bug I noted at the very top of this support ticket just occurred, though in another feed that I consider not super important.

Another bug too: The save/unsave story button doesn’t change states. Meaning if you save a story, the button should change to “unsave”, but it doesn’t.

Wednesday means Wednesday afternoon. There’s a few more updates coming. Also, I thought you downgraded so this wouldn’t be an issue?

Multiple Android devices. I also have a Nexus 5, Note 3, and LG G2. Product testing can be both a blessing and a curse.

3.5.5 appears to be a success…thanks!

Yes, 3.5.5 is working great for me so far.

Oh wow, 3.5.5 is great, except for one thing. I’m still experiencing the bug where I’ll click on a folder with like 40+ unread items, but after scrolling through 10 to 20 of them, whichever items are left refuse to load.

At least you squashed the mark all as read bug, which was terrifying.

Just experienced a really weird bug where every time it click on a story title, the app would open the URL in the previous story item.

In other words, one story about Sony, next story about Samsung. While reading the Samsung story I click the title to go to the original article. My browser renders the Sony story instead.


Same here, I have 70+ in feed, start swiping through articles and stops at about 20. I have to go back to list, select article and start swiping again.

We do have one known bug left that affects the reading view, especially with a large number of items. A fix is in the works. A work-around (and I know this isn’t that great) is to go back to the story list every now and then.

swiping articles stop after few articies and need to go back to list to swipe more artciles

@ojiikun: Any word as to when we’ll see this one last bug squashed?

Might be worth adding the version number to the “What’s New” section in your Google Play description - more easy to see which version you are updating/installing/using. To be fair very few app devs do this though, easy to forget!

I wish Google would put it alongside the date automatically, make it much simpler - only way to know is to drag an app from the app drawer to ‘App Info’.