Newsblur and supporting web publishers

hi, just wanted to say - newsblur is beautifully designed, but i’m wondering about something. the faq says that in original view, “ads and original content are unaffected”. is this true? from a web publisher’s point of view, is my viewing a page in newsblur actually the same as if i’d viewed it in my browser as normal? doesn’t newsblur cache pages on its own server? i have adblock etc turned off (!) for a couple of sites i read, because i want to support them as much as i can. if i’m using newsblur to look at stuff, i don’t want to be ‘cheating’ these sites, even in some super small way. sorry if this has been asked and answered before, and again, newsblur is itself great. thanks!


It’s not a 100% true impression, but the publisher should see a hit just the same if they are using client-side analytics (almost everybody is). And they are still counting the ad impression.