Newsblur and Blar not getting along

When I use Newsblur I have all feeds read, but when I sync Blar (Android app) I have unread feeds from 2 feeds that don’t even have in NB. I removed those feeds some time ago.

Username: Mikeyy
Feeds: or… , not sure which one was it.

Tryed clearing all data from Blar app, didn’t help, when it synced back it synced those feeds also.

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Have a similar problem, one feed is somehow duplicated, though the doubled is invisible on On the unofficial mobile site it is also visible, so i guess hid the feed for some reason.

If the feed is there twice, should definitely show it. I took a look at your account, but I didn’t see the feed. What folder is it in and what is the feed title?

On my account “Isgar” i have the feed… in folder “Webcomics”, in Blar it also appears without sorted into a folder. The unread count is different, so it handles as a different feed.

There’s an issue in the current version of Blar that causes feeds to sometimes be shown in the feed list even after they are empty (or after they’ve been removed, it seems). Restarting your phone should fix this issue since the only caching of data from NewsBlur the app does is in memory. If that doesn’t help, I’ve reworked large parts of those systems for an upcoming update (along with a UI refresh) and will be releasing that soon. Hopefully the update will solve your problem.

It has nothing to do with cache, it appeared the first time i used Blar and i even wiped my phone in between.

Looking forward to a new version of Blar.

I also think it doesn’t have anything with phone restart. I restarted phone few times already and as I said, cleaned all data from Blar app.
2 feeds still stay with unread news.

Is it NewsBlur still keeping feeds which are deleted?

No, I don’t think so. If you don’t see it on, then it’s probably not still there. NewsBlur’s going to render what it has.

I’m also looking forward to an updated Blar. I like the simplistic feed reader but I also miss a few things.
Probably to late for this release but here it comes: I miss to be able to slide to the right in stead of pressing a button in order to advance to the next story and I would like to enter to the River Of News right away (without going via all feeds - all updated fees and then to the actual page).