Newsblur acts as if certain Blogspot blogs have no posts (in feed and story modes)

Newsblur isn’t pulling any content from at least one blogspot blog.

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What’s the feed address? Right-click on the feed and go to Site Settings. Alternatively, go to Statistics and check if the feed is Real-Time and then if there have been any Feed Pushes.

The feed address is:

It looks like there are 5 NewsBlur subscribers to this feed, so I don’t know if the problem is specific to my account or not.

When I go to statistics I find this information:

Last Update
13 hours ago

Next Update
in real-time…

Stories per month

Feed Fetch
2012-04-13 01:46:16

Page Fetch
2012-04-13 01:46:16

Feed Push
Nothing recorded.

But there are no stories pulled whatsoever. And Insta-fetch Stories doesn’t pull anything either.

It’s because there are no titles! Great find. I’m going to fix this, probably taking taking the first few words from the content.

This was by no means trivial. Here’s the commit:….

The feed now works great. Please let me know if it ever gives an issue. This kind of bug is a critical one that I want to get absolutely right. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Samuel. Everything looks like it’s working now.

The fix does look a bit complicated, but I have to admit I don’t understand all of the details (I suppose I would need to know how Levenshtein distance is measured).

Levenshtein distance is easy!

This is a sentence.
This was a sentence.

  • w = 1
    i -> a = 1
    1+1 = 2

So there is a levenshtein distance of 2 for those two sentences. Just a simple difference from adding letters and then switching letters.

Ah, now that you explain it, I recall learning about it some years ago (I must have forgotten the name).

But it looks like in the patch you’re taking the absolute value of a Levenshtein distance? Can we get negative Levenshtein distance values?

No, you can’t. But I did that as a mental reminder. Since I didn’t want to confirm, this way I don’t have to check both the upper and lower bound. I wouldn’t say the code is rigorous, but at least I don’t have to worry about being wrong about Levenshtein distance only being positive.