NewsBlur 9 not working on latest iPad Pro

These issues started with the release of NewsBlur 9 on iOS current release version at the time (whatever that was). Almost every time I open the app, it’s in an unusable state. Either the story list is duplicated in the columns with no way to read them, or there’s some strange issue with the screen render that can be resolved by switching briefly into portrait mode. Preferences doesn’t render correctly and switching from landscape to portrait at the right time can sometimes make that work right. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling NewsBlur. I have also installed the beta ipad OS in case that might help but nothing seems to help this. I have video of these issues uploaded to:

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I believe we might have a fix for one of these, in which case I’ll prioritize getting this out.

Here’s the Github ticket that will address the issues:

In addition to the layout problems and occasional inability to read stories, I also have issues with stories not being marked read, and for read stories propagating back to The Mother Ship so they don’t show up as unread on other devices.