Newsblur 5.0.0 iOS app won't launch on iPhone 6 (iOS v8.1.2)

I just upgraded the Newsblur app on my iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1.2, and it now crashes immediately upon launching.  It will briefly display the splash screen and then abruptly closes.  I tried rebooting the phone and deleting/reinstalling the app, but the problem still persists.  In its current state, I am now completely unable to use the Newsblur app.


What’s your username?


Found the bug. The fix should be in the next update, which I am going to try to expedite.

Thanks.  That was amazingly fast!  Once the update makes it to the app store, I’ll download it and update this post to let you know how it goes.

Since I would hate to see this thread pop back up on the dashboard in however many days it takes to get the app approved, I suggest a new thread under the praise category with the current version. That is, if it works for you (it should). :slight_smile:

Why are you running such an old version of iOS? iOS 9.2 is due out in a week and a half of all goes according to plan. I’ve been running the Public Beta of iOS 9.2 and it’s solid so I expect a public release very soon.

I’ve never liked running new OSes on older hardware, and I’m typically pretty hesitant to upgrade software in general. When I do update software, bad things seem to happen surprisingly often.

Yeah but you’re going to be running into this situation a lot more as more apps are being written for iOS 9 as versus iOS 8. And besides, your device, like any device that hasn’t gotten software updates, is vulnerable to security exploits. Yes, iOS 9 has had a rocky start but iOS 9.2 Public Beta is showing that Apple has cleaned up iOS 9.x. If you’re really worried about a software update going wrong, do the update via iTunes as versus an OTA update once iOS 9.2 is released.

By the way, the app is in review right now, which means it should be approved within a few hours. 24 hour turnaround!

New version is up. Seems to be working on IOS 8.

Yes. Downloaded. Works. Thanks.