News Feed states there are items, yet nothing is produced when clicked

At present, my news feed states there are 24 items (usually it’s < 29) yet when I click “All Site Stories”, nothing appears (See both screenshots)

There is an error produced whenever I click “All Site Stories”,

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘insertBefore’ of null chrome-extension://gofhjkjmkpinhpoiabjplobcaignabnl/content.js:181
[“Setting refresh interval to every 600 seconds.”] common.js:217
[“Setting refresh interval to every 600 seconds.”] common.js:217
[“Setting refresh interval to every 600 seconds.”] common.js:217
[“Navigating to url”, “folder/everything”]

I have not been able to clear out the news feed without marking all as read. There is something going on with news stories lately.

I am logged in with account ocWavean (


I’m getting all sorts of wonky behavior, including the above, right now. Also, I can read some feeds, but the uread count goes back up after I’ve read a few articles.

Yeah – It almost seems as though a ‘perfect storm’ has been slowly unveiling itself. Some feeds states 0, yet the web site clearly has an updated RSS feed. Some feeds state 10, you read them all, but then it jumps back to 10 (like what you pointed out)

At the present moment, my “unread” count keeps rising… i’m at 30 now, yet I do not have any items. “Marking all as read” and then refreshing the page temporarily solves it until the next news item comes in, then my “unread” count is 33 (or previous unread count + however many items came through = new unread count.).

I’m reading by clicking on “All Site Stories” and it appears to be working. You just have to pay no attention to the unread counts.

That’s what i’m doing. But, as per the image, it states unread, yet nothing shows up. I click on the ones with numbers beside them, and there is nothing new. I go to the web site, look at the RSS feed, and Newsblur is, more often than not, far behind the latest one. Something is definitely going on.

I’m having the same issue - there is a non-zero unread number count, but when clicking on All Site Stories, nothing shows up. I did notice that when a new article arrives, those are showing up, but I’m not able to look at the older articles (assuming that there are even any older articles that are supposedly “unread”). The unread number count appears to just keep increasing… On the iOS app, there is similar behavior - a non-zero unread number count, but no stories shown.

Growing in size. Now i’m at 55 “unread”… what is going on

Mine seems to have cleared itself up (for now). I did have to do an insta-fetch on some of my feeds to “reset” them. See the related topic (…) where there might be a fix for everyone soon…

I’m clearing it up for all users right now. It’s going to take 8 hours to hit everybody, but the cleaner is running right now. I’m also planning a permanent fix for the original issue, which is an occasional off-by-1 error on unread counts.

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As a side note, since i’m already Premium, is it possible to donate an additional amount to NewsBlur? There is nothing that compares to this site, and I’d be nice to see it around for a long time.

Thanks, but the most I can ask of you is to just tell your friends about NewsBlur and continue submitting bug reports. That’s the only way things will continue to get better.

A good option for that was discussed before:…
Basically, you could buy accounts for your friends.