newby, read the info, still is blank

I just paid and signed up and nothing is showing. Is that because in the last 5 min no one has updated? It doesn’t even show the folder?
Also, what if I subscribe to a tumblr that isnt updated frequently? will it not show?It seems unclear.

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It says I am subscribed to 18 stories too, but its blank…

Right click on a feed and open Statistics. That will show you how often the feed is expected to update and the actual values.

As for nothing showing up, are you in Focus mode by any chance? Try opening All mode and seeing if your sites show up.

What I’m saying is that it is blank, there’s nothing to click on. I did import the file successfully and it says “18” but it’s blank. I mean the main page is blank and it points to the + to add a feed…?