Newblur makes firefox consume 100% CPU

I have this problem when ever I click on Read next unread.

After clicking read next unread:

After closing newblur tab:

This is a frequent problem.


I’m working on a large rewrite of the front-end. It’s about 30-40% done and should continue through next week. Wait for that to launch and then see if you’re still getting issues.

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Same thing for Safari on Mac. Really bad if any of the articles contain video. Had to kill and restart Safari three times yesterday because of this.

Piling on. I’m pretty sure Newsblur is what sends my FF memory through the roof. Less than an hour clicking around Newsblur easily sends it over 1GB; it’s gotten as high as 2GB (on a 6GB machine). I restart FF often.

I notice when Newsblur has been used during a session the FF process is semi-constantly using CPU as well, usually peaking at 13% (on a quadcore i7-920 w/ hyperthreading I guess that’s basically one thread/core).

Still an issue.

Similar problem using NewsBlur with Conkeror (which has a Firefox base) under Linux.

Any updates on when you are planning to launch the backbone.js version of frontend? Or its already on dev.newsblur?

Consume 100% CPU under Iceweasel 12 on CrunchBang 10 and Firefox 12 on Ubuntu 12.04

Problem is getting worse.

The good news is that I’m nearing 90% done on the re-write. As for the issues, well, there is very little memory management that I could do if I wanted to. I have some ideas that I have now implemented into the Backbone.js migration. But to be honest, my main machine is a laptop form 2009 and NewsBlur might eat memory, but it doesn’t freeze on me unless I’m loading a Flash video.

There is a permanent solution, but it’s a rather large feature. The feature would keep a rotating set of stories active and shadow the others, pretending that they are below, but not loading them until scrolled to. It’s how long documents are embedding on a webpage, ala DocumentCloud or Scribd. But having implemented that once, I know how terribly difficult it is to get right.

If this continues to be a problem after social is launched, bring it up and I can investigate writing this lifesaving feature.


It’s weird to me how NewsBlur lags more and more over the course of a session, to the point where it completely locks up FF (Win7 x64) for 10 seconds at a time (I’ve learned to restart browser before then). I wish I knew something about coding so I could at least hazard a guess as to why it behaves that way.

This is a deal breaker for me. I signed up, and paid, because this product met ~90% of my needs after Google destroyed Reader. The few things that were missing I was hopeful you would add as you were active here and “listening” and responding to your users/customers. (Just for the record these were things like viewing only unread items and being able to change the display order.)

But now I can’t use this product because of the changes you’ve implemented since I first signed up. The changes you have added mean I have to kill off the “Safari Web Content” process several times a day and all because of NewsBlur. It’s interrupting my work and causing more problems than it’s worth. This was a good replacement for Google Reader, but you’ve broken it, and stated quite clearly that you know what the problem is and have no intention of fixing it.

So I’m leaving. I enjoyed the first few months of the product and would like to say thank you for those.

How do I delete my account?

Try the Backbone.js rewrite: It’s not 100% done yet, but it should be good enough for everyday. And it’s wrapping up this week.

By the way, immediately after launching social in the next few weeks, I’ll be working on oldest-first and unread-only (they are actually the same thing). I very much hope you’ll stay for just a while longer, since I am now full-time and working very very hard to make NewsBlur the reader of choice for even the choosiest of readers. looks awesome. Pretty fast than dev.newsblur

And buggy as sin. Give it a couple days and it’ll be smoking. Then I’ll merge it with dev and launch there, trying to root out the harder to find bugs.