New unread items won't load unless I switch to story mode

First, apologies: the title might be misleading or incorrect, but it’s been my recent workaround. I live in feed mode for 95% of my feeds, so my hypothesis is that feed mode might be missing out on some juice that story mode has (simply by being the grandaddy of NewsBlur.)

It mostly sucks because I can’t give a 100% reproducible step-by-step, but occasionally I’ll be in a feed with 90 or so items, read the first bunch, and then no new stories load.

  • I’ll refresh, nothing changes.
  • There’s no blue bar at the bottom.
  • Clicking a different feed and clicking back doesn’t do it.

If I switch to story mode for a second, all those unread stories populate the bottom frame, and I can go back to feed mode and read fine. Story mode is “kicking off” the refresh or something.

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Alright, not sure I quite follow. Now this is on a single feed, or on a folder? If I read you correctly, when you scroll down, you don’t see a blue loading bar and you don’t see a grey completion bar. You just hit a wall. Have you tried scrolling the story titles pane?

I pushed out a fix for something around this nature about a month ago, allowing you to scroll the Feed view and having it also dictate whether another page of stories should load.

If this happens again, try scrolling the story titles pane and let me know if that immediately works. If not, then I’d be interested to figure out exactly why it’s not happening.