New subscriber cannot log in

I just subscribed for $24 a year but cannot log in. It doesn’t accept my username and I did not opt to use a password, which was an option.

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Hi Jane, let’s continue this on the email thread we have started. Looks like a dual account issue (you paid for a different account than the one you logged in with).

Ok, I find your interface very confusing and have no idea how to set up the reader or add RSS feeds that I want.

Which is the account is the premium one?

To subscribe to a feed, use the + button on the bottom left of the screen.

As for your premium status, forward me the receipt and I can tell you.

I haven’t received a receipt yet. so maybe it didn’t go through. The initial time I signed the username was JaneLT. Then I tried signing in and that didn’t work so I signed in using gmail – so that likely has my user name as Jane L. Thompson. The username showing in the top right corner is Jane L. Thompson. I did the payment this afternoon. I’ll look to see if it’s turned up on Visa yet.

It isn’t on my VISA yet.
When you mean the + button on the bottom left of the screen do you mean on a web page or somewhere in newsblur? I do not see it on webpages I’m interested in.

On NewsBlur.