New stories hang with no visual indicator during reading

I have a lot of feeds where the entries are very short. I can usually figure out if I want to read these _very_ quickly, and hit ‘j’ to continue going. (Sidenote: In Google Reader, I’d hit ‘m’ to mark good ones unread. Wishlist!)

After I get through a clump of these types of posts, the whole interface will freeze while I imagine NewsBlur is caching the next group of posts to show? It would be nice to have some idea of what is was doing, since I don’t know how long to wait before hitting ‘j’ again.

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Wow, this is absolutely terrific feedback. OK, I implemented a fix for this. When the feedbag is loading, it now forces itself to be seen. This should be transparent for those using their mouse, but for keyboard navigators, the story titles pane will bump slightly to show you the loading status. Please, please, please let me know if that works well. Just deployed.

As for the ‘m’ key, it’s already used for finding the oldest story. But I will gladly add a keyboard shortcut for mark story as unread. Just let me know which key you think it should be. And if you *really* think it should be ‘m’, say that. I’m willing to rearrange keys.

Something still feels broken. This time, I went through a few posts and it just stopped. I waited a little before I realized that the bar at the bottom (with the list of unread items in bold) had my current story last, and the unread stories above it.

I’ve been using ‘J’ under the impression that I’d see the next unread story with the power of sorting behind my back. I just saw the ‘n’ shortcut, so I’ll switch to that and report back soon.

Regarding the unread key: Of course, I’d say that ‘m’ would be my ideal key to mark something unread. Do you have any counts for how many people are using ‘m’? It seems like a manual “sort by oldest”. I’d be happy with any key near ‘j’ or ‘n’ though!

Thanks as always for your lightning-fast response :).

Any updates? I’d kill for a mark as unread button

Mark as unread is available in the right-click menu, but not yet as a keyboard shortcut. ‘m’ seems about right, but I’m already using that for oldest. Maybe I should switch that to ‘o’? No, that’s open. Hmmmmmm.

(By the way, I just deployed a fix for that indicator that forces it to show, but then doesn’t keep following it down in a stuck loop.)

I know you’re working on a ton of stuff from the Twitter feed, but I’ll happily take any letter for a shortcut :slight_smile:

Shift+u it is. Deployed.