New items for a feed showing as read

New items from the feed are never
showing up as unread for me. The feed never shows as having new items, and whenI visit the feed all items show as being read already. I’m only able to read
that feed in NewsBlur by remembering to manually open the feed, which for now I
have set to show all items rather than just unread ones, and personally keep
track of which items I’ve read.

I haven’t noticed this for any other feeds, but I can’t be sure.

My username is aschrab.


That’s weird, but it undoubtedly comes down to the way the feed is publishing new stories so that they look like old stories (probably reusing the GUID).

I’m scaling out right now, but in a couple weeks time if it doesn’t resolve, ping me again and I’d be happy to take a look at it.

The IDs from the feed don’t appear to be getting reused. They’re all of the form,2013://1.6893 , where 1 is the blog ID out of the permalink and 6893 is the entry ID.

All of the entries currently in the feed have an entry ID that’s been incremented by 1 from the previous entry. I’ve collected the latest few versions of the feed and verified that new items are not just reusing an ID from the previous version of the feed (like if it always used the same ID for the latest item).

The ongoing results of that data collection are in a git repository that can be cloned from .

Looks like the site’s HTML help lied about the tag being displayed inline.

It looks like there’s a newer version of the feed for this site (RSS 2.0 instead of Atom) at… - have you tried using that feed instead?

I wouldn’t call the RSS feed newer, although it does seem to be working better. In general I prefer to use Atom feeds when given the option since it’s a much cleaner format, but it looks like I’ll need to use the RSS feed for this site at least until the issue with the Atom feed is resolved.

Ah, fair enough. I only said ‘newer’ because that’s the feed currently linked to from the front page of the site, I (possibly erroneously) assumed it had been changed at some point. I do agree that the Atom feed should work, the ids are all unique.

The Atom feed seems to be working properly now. It doesn’t look like the structure of that feed has changed, so I suspect that either the IDs had been reused and the ones that I’d seen are now used up again or NewsBlur fixed the processing of the feed.