New graphical glitch (Android)

I got the 13.2.3 update to the Android app today, and there’s an odd visual glitch that occurs any time I’m on the main page and I select a category, a feed, or a tag (from the tags under Saved Stories). Normally it would nicely fade/slide into the contents of the category/feed. Now this happens:

  • The contents of the category/feed pop in briefly, full-screen.
  • Those new contents immediately start sliding from left to right across the screen, going off the screen. (There was no time to read them.) The previous listing is again visible, as if I hadn’t tapped anything.
  • The screen briefly darkens.
  • The contents of the category/feed I tapped will then cut in full-screen with no transition, and I can select a story as desired.

This happens every time I tap a category or feed. When I tap a story within a feed, it slides in from bottom to top, as normal. There’s no broken functionality that I can see; it seems to be just graphical.

@andrei Do you know the source of this glitch?

I just realized another effect of this issue. When I go back from a category/feed to the main menu, there’s a missing transition, which manifests as a delay after hitting the back button. It’s consistent, and makes me think that I didn’t hit back correctly, so I hit it again, but that closes the app. (As with the issue I described above, the transition from an individual item back to the category/feed list is still there and working, it’s just when going back to the main menu.)

@redshift Could you screen record these glitches? It will help a lot with debugging.
Do you see the first reported issue when you switch between feeds by going back and forth to the home page and feed page?

Sure. I made a video, but I don’t seem to be able to upload it here, so it’s available on imgur:

In the video, I do the following:

  • Select a feed from the home page. You can see the transition glitch.
  • Select an item in the feed. This works fine.
  • Back out to the feed’s item list. This works fine.
  • Back out to the main menu. You can see the delay / missing transition.
  • Then I select the feed and back out one more time, to show the issues again.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S22 with Android 14 on the April 2024 update, and the latest Newsblur app in the Google store, version 13.2.3.

Yes; hopefully the video clarifies.

@redshift That is very helpful as I don’t have the same behavior on my primary device. I’ll have to test a few more to see if I can replicate. Do you have the global default animation/transition settings on the phone?

No, I use 0.5x for window, transition, and animator scale.

Do you happen to know if under the Dev debug settings you have predictive back enabled? It’s a new Android 14 feature.

It looks like there is a new API that can be used for Android 14 for handling custom transitions and I’m gonna update to it since I couldn’t replicate the glitch from your video on the two phones I have available.

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If I’m understanding the feature correctly, then no, I don’t have it enabled. I don’t use gesture navigation.

This seems to be fixed, thanks!

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@redshift Did you noticed the change after installing 13.2.5?

Unfortunately I’m not sure about the timing - I had gotten used to the problem, and I was already used to the correct behavior, so I didn’t notice when it switched back. It may have been before the update, though I’m not sure how that would have happened. In any case, I appreciate your help, and how you fixed things in a good way so it shouldn’t come back.