New firefox tiny addon to share stories

Hi, I just created and published a tiny firefox addon to share stories more easily than with the bookmarklet (at least I don’t like to have the bookmarks bar present all the time). Maybe other poeple find it useful! Oh, and I hope is OK to use the newsblur icon for it :slight_smile:

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Is not being listed in searches yet because is still waiting for approval, but you can install it anyway if you follow the direct link:…

Sounds cool. I installed it on my copy of Firefox (v19, Mac) but I can’t seem to find the share button on my toolbar and it’s not an option to add to my toolbar.

By default is usually placed in the “Add-on Toolbar”, you can enable it from the toolbar context menu. Then you can use the “Customize…” button to move it to wherever you want, I put it on the “Navigation Toolbar”.

I don’t know if there is any way to put it in the Navigation Toolbar by default, this is my first Firefox add-on :slight_smile:

Ohh, the add-on bar is on the bottom, not the top. There’s a major problem though – you hard-coded your personal share URL. The problem is that the URL you are using is specific to you. I would remove this share bar and replace it with one that uses the user’s bookmarklet url. Good way to do this would be to ask them to drag the bookmarklet to your icon. But yeah, anybody who uses this bookmarklet would be posting to your blurblog.

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Wow! Pretty awful :S Thanks for noting this! Then this addon isn’t as simple as I thought to do… I will retreat it for now and see what I can do.

Is there any way to change whatever cookie you’re using to post to my blurblog or if anybody downloaded this already I’m simply screwed? :slight_smile:

I can easily change it for you. If you try using the bookmarklet after I change it, it’ll tell you to reinstall. What’s your username.

OK, I quickly updated the addon to make what I called the “blurblog key” configurable. I hope that is the part of the URL that changes from blurblog to blurblog.

No extremely user friendly as you have to “decode” the key yourself, but at least works. Maybe with some time I can improve it, or maybe a more experienced FF extension developer can pick it up from here :slight_smile:

If you could test it and let me know if the new approach is correct it would be highly appreciated!

BTW, my username is llucax. Thanks!

Yup, looks like it works now. I should probably expose that secret token in Preferences. One day I will, but I need to make it renew-able.

Just changed your secret token. If you try using the bookmarklet now, it should tell you it’s not working.

Excellent, thanks to the secret token change I was able to test the configuration parameter is working too :slight_smile: