New feed with no unread posts appears broken.

I deleted a feed with no unread posts and then re-added it. The feed’s posts remained “read”, which is questionable behavior but reasonable.

However, I have my feeds set to display unread posts only. This means that my new subscription simply results in a blank white window, which appears broken.

My suggestion is to show something (ie, “All messages already read. Click here to view read messages.”) when there are no unread messages, so that the user knows that everything is working correctly.

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Well, there’s no unread count next to the feed, so of course nothing shows. If you are in Unread mode on the left, and unread mode on the right, then you wouldn’t be able to open a feed that has no stories.

I have “all” on the left and “unread” on the right. You also get to the feed when you first subscribe.

Regardless of how you get there, having a blank frame show up is bad UX.