New design on NB-story-title-container causing black lines

Did something change for the right river? I’m on the dark mode, but I’m getting black lines between items. See pic.

They are on div class=nb-story-title-container, nb-dark and and nb-story-title have a 1px sold #0a0a0a bottom border and a 1px border-top, I think it’s one of those that caused it.

I just launched a change to this spot, can you share a screenshot?

Seeing the same (screenshot attached)…it’s not bad…but in the “hey what the heck changed” category, it threw me off. The highlighting while you hover over the article is cool though.

yeah, the black bars are what I noticed. slightly harder to read for me.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 8.21.35 PM

Oh that was stupid of me. It’s because I had this custom dark theme for total black:

.NB-dark #NB-splash, .NB-dark .NB-feed-stories,
.NB-dark .NB-story-content-container, 
.NB-dark .NB-feeds-header-user, .NB-dark .NB-feedbar, 
.NB-dark .NB-taskbar-container, 
.NB-dark #story_titles .NB-feedbar, 
.NB-dark .NB-splash-info.NB-splash-bottom, 
.NB-dark .left-south, 
.NB-dark .NB-story-title,
.NB-dark .left-pane, .NB-dark .NB-feedlist, 
.NB-dark .NB-feedlist .feed {
  background-color: #000;

.NB-dark .NB-feeds-header {
  background-color: #2f3031;

I’ll revert and deploy.

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can confirm, looks better after the revert. thanks!