Need anchor tag directly to story for use with Chrome extensions

Is there an anchor tag anywhere with a direct link to the story?

I use Pocket, but prefer the pocket chrome extension + right click on link, vs. clicking the Pocket icon in newsblur and having it open a new tab. All I need is a link that I can right click on to save it. Everything I’ve found so far uses javascript to open the story somehow.

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Yep, right click on the story title and it’s ready to be copy and pasted right there, already selected for you.

That’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I need an actual anchor tag (eg, [story" rel=“nofollow”>">story](<a href=) )

If the Pocket integration was able to save the story without opening a new tab/window, I would just use that. But the Chrome extension will do it with a single click, on the same page, as long as there is a link to right click.

Fyi, this was solved by:

New preference: choose between NewsBlur’s context menus or the native browser context menu when right-clicking on feeds, folders, and stories.