Native Windows Phone 8 App

Any chance of developing a native Windows Phone 8 app? I know it’s a smaller market, but we WP8 users would love it considering most of our RSS readers are only going to support Feedly…

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Have you tried Metroblur?

I haven’t tried Metroblur yet, but it looks really ugly from the scrennshots on the marketplace…

Could you provide some constructive feedback on what needs to change? Or how it should look?

I’m currently trying out Metroblur, and I do like the clean interface! However, there are a few things that I would want to see from it in the future.

First, and in no particular order, I appreciate the ability to open directly to the feeds, but I think it would be better if we had the option upon selecting a feed to open to the “All” tab rather than the “Unread” tab.

Second, when viewing one’s folders and feeds, it would be nice to have the option to open an entire folder at once, also taking into account giving the user the ability to choose whether or not they want to go to the “All” tab or the “Unread” tab.

Third, and this may be my biggest complaint here even though it seems a little petty, I really wish that there was a button at the bottom of the app to mark all stories/feeds as read. Of course I would want this to function depending on whether you’re viewing all of your feeds at once, a single folder, or even a single feed. I think with the current layout, it wouldn’t been too busy to have 4 buttons down there rather than just three.

My last concern is the lack of support for services like Pocket, Instapaper, etc. For me personally, I would want Pocket, but I know adding these things in takes time, so I would like to see more options as far as saving/sharing articles go.

Other than these concerns, I think I could definitely see myself using Metroblur over the likes of Feed Me.

How about a native Windows 8 metro app? The web site works well, of course. But there is a real lack of decent RSS readers for Metro.

I know, I know – who the flip uses Windows 8? I do. I even like it.

Do you mean you would like a setting to make “all” the default tab, rather than unread? That would certainly would be doable.

You can open an entire folder by double-tapping on the folder name.

In the beta version, marking as read is implemented mostly how you describe, complete with the button on the app bar. The plan is to release the update within the next two weeks.

Pocket, Instapaper and Readablity support are on the todo list and are the priority after the update is released and any issues with it are ironed out. The roadmap is basically:

* release current big update
* release bugfix update
* Readability etc. support

Try Tafiti, from the store. Only just been released.

Just installed MetroBlur, and am enjoying it!

That double-tap on the folder name was the tip I was looking for - because single-tap did something, I assumed double-tap wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t object to a little colour in the interface outside of the feed icons (or perhaps using a feed icon in the story list, a bit like NewsBlur does on the website (then again, might be too much). Otherwise, it’s quite text-heavy and there’s not a lot to visually differentiate stories.

I use MetroBlur… and it works great. No complaints or issues. Recommended.

Oh wow, the double-tapping on the folder is perfect! I suppose I completely looked over that in the help & tips section… whoops.

Also, is this an open beta you mentioned? If not, where can I sign up? I would love to help in the development of this app in any way I possibly can!

It’s closed beta but feel free to send me an email; metroblur at viennan dot net, and let me know the email of your Microsoft Account and I will add you