Mystery meat navigation in web UI

‘Mystery meat’ navigation: the button that expands a menu of additional actions (e.g. emailing) only appears when you mouse over it. See… for why this is a bad idea.

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Check, where every icon has a title.

Much nicer :slight_smile:

My only gripe is that the grey circular buttons look more like status lights than buttons … I probably wouldn’t be as quick to click on them as I would the triangular icons they turn into on mouse-over.

Please don’t take this as nit-picking - I’m hoping to help make the UX even better :slight_smile: I’m already a very happy NewsBlur user, & I’ve been evangelising it to my friends and colleagues.

Glad to hear it. By the way, I *loved* Web Pages That Suck as a teenager. I read every single page of that book in a bookstore near my house, which took a few separate visits to accomplish. I was 13 at the time, so I couldn’t afford to buy many books, and my parents scoffed at what I think was a >$40 price tag.

I never read the book, but did pore over every page on the site … that and Spolsky’s work really introduced me to the field of UX design.

Every? I see 6 buttons/icons out of 15ish that have them: Original, Feed, Text, Story, Split, List

Ah-ha, on the left hand side are four icons: Add, manage, interactions, and dashboard. Those are all widely accepted icons.