my folder disappeared (with the blogs in it)

I’m a pro user. I have a large amount of subscriptions. A folder with blogs disappeared. I’m sure I didn’t delete it. (99.9%) There should be a record of blogs that I have stopped subscribing to, similar to the ones I’ve started subscribing to. This is kind of scary, I need to trust my newsreader to be bulletproof (and idiot proof).

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No matter what, there are backups of feeds. But I’m wondering what happened. Do you see any traces of the folder? When you add a site, do you see the folder listed?

The only way to delete a folder is to right-click it and delete it, so unless you did that, it’s gotta be there. Make sure you’re in All mode, as well, since it may not have any unread stories and thus be hidden.

Yeah, I have the “view” switched to “all”. No, I can’t see any trace of the folder.

In this case I found the blogs in the activity feed, I subscribed to all of them at the same time so that was easy.

It would be neat to have some way to view deleted blogs (and possibly folders). This way you will have no false positives where people freak out and think their folder spontaneously disappeared when they deleted it (at least not after you tell them to look in the deleted subscription list).

Again this was a one minute it’s there the next it’s not kind of thing and I felt sure right after it was gone that I had not deleted it. Yet there’s no way for me to with total certainty that I didn’t just fat finger this. (I was cleaning up my folder structure at the time.)

Thanks for your fast response! I love using the app and feel like the pro account was easily worth it. It’s cool to support a business I first saw on HN when it was a side project, way before google reader died.

I actually email you a copy of your OPML file when you reset your sites and delete everything. I suppose I could do that when you delete folders.

I would really like to have that as an option.

(I know that some things that seem easy to a user can be complicated to do, but to me the ideal solution would be if there was another pane next to interactions and activities where I could see a list of deleted folders and subscribed blogs from most recent to earliest. But just getting an email if I delete a folder, or having an option to turn that feature on would be fantastic too.)