My feeds are taking to long to load.....wait, wait, wait, wait.

Prompt at the bottom, "Newsblur Timed Out Try Again…blahblahblah. Problem has persisted…the service has become almost unusable because it’s taking to long for feeds to load.

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I bet it’s a browser extension, as the service is running smoothly today. What extensions do you have installed?

I don’t use the browser extension, rather just a dedicated tab in Chrome & yes it is unusually running smoothly today. 

…and yet still, Newsblur Has Timed Out…Just Try Again.  Constant & Ongoing…I miss lotsa feeds just pushing the CheckMark at the top zeroing out my feeds when it gives this error message at the bottom.

Is there something else happening with your connection? Does this happen to any other websites? 

I am seeing this as well although as soon as I refresh the page and pop open dev tools it seems to work fine.

Working Good Today, Snappy. No incidences…

“NEWSBLUR TIMED OUT TRYING TO CONNECT. JUST TRY AGAIN.”  Still don’t understand why it should ever do this.  Now this afternoon this is what I’m dealing with…still a regular occurrence at one point in every day.