My Blurblog always shows as blank

My global settings are to hide read items, I think this is what’s causing my problem.

Whenever I click on ALL SHARED STORIES -> (My blurblog), it always shows completely blank with no items.

As such, I can’t ever delete shared items or see comments etc. I’m missing out on a lot! I think it should force showing read items on the user’s own blurblog, since they’d always be “read”, technically.

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Actually, your own blurblog *is* always shown, regardless of All/Unread/Focus setting. I bet you may have accidentally classified it. Right click on your blurblog and go to Intelligence Classifiers. Any reds in there? Click them and turn them yellow or green.

No sir! It’s always been like this too. And the context menu for my blurblog doesn’t give the option to show read items on a per-site basis like it does with normal subscriptions

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Ah-ha, it’s possible that you switched it to Unread Only for the brief few days when I exposed that setting. I’ll switch it back for you. What’s your username?

thanks! It’s dmack

OK, I went ahead and allowed everybody to change the read_filter (all/unread) on social subscriptions. I also went ahead and changed that filter for you, so it should work now. Thanks for bringing this up!

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Hooray! This solves a lot of problems as I’m now able to see comment replies and edit/unshare things (I had a separate ticket about not being able to unshare things too)

It’s looking good. Thanks again!

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