Muted feeds showing up in list

Suddenly today all the muted feeds are showing up in the website list of stories. Wonder why? Actually it was a good time to delete many feeds anyway. But it makes looking for the active news more confusing.

Hi Kristin, this is part of a change I made to Muted Feeds. Turns out they were over-muted, basically hidden. Now muted feeds will show up in All Sites view but not in Unread view. That’s a lot closer to what is intended by muted.

Thanks for letting me know. I guess I’ll get used to it, but selecting the feeds to view by choosing the priority ones was okay. I didn’t know you could really see “All” this way. Maybe it’s obvious, but how are the Focus ones chosen?

Focus unread counts (the green counts) are determined by training. You can either right-click on a feed title to open the Intelligence Trainer, or you can click on author names and story tags (or train individual story titles) to help you focus on the feeds you like.

Check out the FAQ’s section on training:

I’ll do some training then… thanks so much.