Multiple profiles

I’m looking at signing up for Premium. How can I handle multiple profiles? I have one set of feeds I read for work and another set I read at home. Would I need two Newsblur accounts?

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I suggest just using multiple folders. Have a Home folder and a Work folder. And then folders can be nested inside other folders, so you can continue using your setup that you have now.

Ok, thanks. Not sure that would would work for me. I have some feeds at home I don’t want showing up on the work firewall. No, stop making up what I have…it’s not too strange but there are websites I read on my off hours I would not want bosses knowing about :> Using folders may be enough but I would think it would remember my last view settings…so when I get to work, that folder would be open, etc. I may be able to keep my work sites in the free account range and use a Premium for my home feeds. Am having trouble finding a reader to replace Google and Newsblur is looking like the one so far.

Then multiple accounts would fix that right up. But you’ll have to go premium on them individually.