Multiple Paypal Subscriptions! Help!

Username: catdevnull

I signed up for newsblur on 14th March 2013, paying the then price of $12 and I’ve been happily using it since.

Yesterday I went on my account as I was sure it was up for renewal on 14th March 2014 - sure enough it said my account was up for renewal and offered to setup a Paypal Subscription.

Sure I thought and set up a new one, bit disappointed at the doubled price of $24, sure enough my renewal updated to show expiring 13th March 2015.

Then today I get an email from Paypal saying $12 has been taken for my subscription!!

So I’ve got two subscriptions active on my account it would seem - surely if I had already set up a subscription it should have never allowed me to set up an additional subscription!?

I’m happy to pay a subscription, but not two of them! Ideally I’d also prefer to pay the cheaper one as an early adopter!

Can someone from Newsblur please look at this and refund one of the transactions, and cancel one of the subscriptions!!



I have the same problem. Just got billed a surprise $36 for an old account.

I’m happy to give refunds. I’m also only happy when users enjoy using NewsBlur. But please email me your usernames. I have no way to track who wants what and who was given a refund here.

Email with your username and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.

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