Multiple issues with all feeds (Chrome)

One one feed it loaded in the “original” format, and I can’t switch it back out. There is no option to select a different view at the bottom, and hitting “original” only reloads the page. The menu at the top to select unread/all/etc. can’t be seen on the ones that still have the list view, and on the one that is stuck in original view it doesn’t work. I’m using Chrome (Version 41.0.2272.76 m), though it seems to work in IE. It was working fine yesterday.

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This sounds a bit weird. Can you post a screenshot? If not, do you have any Chrome browser extensions installed?

As far as extensions, I have Chrome to Phone, Google Docs, PBTweet+,, and Send from Gmail.

So you’re missing a bunch of styles. Can you try disabling all extensions and reloading Chrome?

It didn’t change anything.