MSDN Blogs seem broken

I cannot get a feed from any of the MSDN blogs at the moment.
For example:

This seems to be broken on all of them. I’m just getting a:

2014-05-12 21:12:35

SAX Exception (553)

2014-05-12 21:09:27

SAX Exception (553)


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Hi, I am still not seeing any news from any of MSDN feeds?

Any chance you could have a look please?


You should be able to fix them by opening Site Settings (right click on the broken feed) and entering in the correct rss feed url.

I fixed…, as you can see by the new stories.

The ALM blog is at….


That first one seems to be all MSDN blogs, I was after just the individual sites blogs.
I’m not sure what the second one is, but it’s not one I’ve seen before.

I’m trying to change one to but it’s been “spinning” for 5 minutes and not come back yet.

I managed to get Old New Thing working on my site with the url:…

It had gotten changed to all msdn blogs, so I had to switch it back.


I have the same issue. Please fix this or show the feed as broken using the exclamation icon.
I just discovered this issue and I already missed some information that I need for my daily work, so it is of paramount importance to me that I am either informed about broken feeds or that the feeds fix themself (I know; easier said then done ;)).
BTW: Why did they break in the first place? Did Microsoft change the feed URLs without announcement or did Newsblur loose these settings?

To investigate the issue further: It is possible that MSDN had a temporary outage where all blogs were redirected to with code 301 and Newsblur uses this information to change the feed URL itself? According to the log that is displayed in the site settings this information would make sense.
If that is the case:

  1. Is it possible to fix the issue by applying a backup for the MSDN feeds before this point in time?
  2. Is it possible to introduce a flag (either globally or in the settings of each feed) that ensures that redirections are not followed and an error is displayed instead?

Same here. Some feeds update, but most of them are spinning infinitely even though the URL is correct and the RSS feed can be loaded through the browser.

I have the same issue and the same feed URLs work in other readers.

You’ll want to subscribe to the direct RSS url, not the website url. The website points to the wrong rss feed, which is why they are all messed up. I’m manually cleaning them up, but if you have a url of an msdn site that doesn’t work, email it to me so I can get to it after Memorial Day:

The first two seem to be fixed:……

Most of my MSDN feeds point to the page “” and this was not the case, when I subscribed to Newsblur.
For example: I subscribed the IE Blog ( years ago and the OPML that I used to import the feeds from Google Reader to NewsBlur had the following entry:

The RSS feed is correct in this OPML file and is the same you get today when you click on the “RSS for posts” link on the current IE blog. When I checked this morning, the RSS feed URL was “”!
To me, it seems that there have been some serious problems that corrupted the feed URLs saved by NewsBlur.

Seems to me, that the page stripped the XML, I cited. So one more try :slight_smile:


Looks like you gave me the address for Shawn Burke’s Blog:

Thanks Samuel, what ever you have done seems to have made it so I can re-add the sites with the full feed URL.

I had to go through each of my MSDN blogs and re-add those that were erroring with the full URL, but they are working now.

P.S. I did notice that most didn’t have a “!” next to them, even though they had been erroring for days.


Sorry for that. That was directly above the IE feed in my OPML file. However, the core issue is the same: Correct URL had been exported by Google Reader and imported in NewsBlur -> URL changed to recently without modifcation by me.