Moving sites to top level using Organize Sites makes them vanish

I’ve been seeing some strange behavior where sites seem to become invisible after using the Organize Sites tool. It seems like it may be related to moving sites to the top level from a folder, but I’m not positive.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Created a new NewsBlur account named “folderbugtesting”.
  2. Opened the “Add a new site” menu.
  3. Within that menu, added a new folder named “General”.
  4. Within that menu, added a subscription to “Best of MetaFilter” in the “General” folder. It shows up properly in the sidebar with some unread posts.
  5. Opened “Organize Sites”.
  6. Selected “Best of MetaFilter” and clicked the “Move” button to move it to the top level (since “Top Level” is the default destination).
  7. Closed “Organize Sites”. “Best of MetaFilter” no longer appears in the sidebar.

Is this a bug, or is there something I’m missing about how “Organize Sites” is intended to work?

I had a similar experience just now. I tried to move a folder into another folder, making it a sub-folder and it disappeared along with all the sites within it. Tried again, thinking I must’ve done wrong, but then the same thing happened to a second folder. So then I tried to use the organize sites tool to move sites from an existing folder into a newly created empty sub-folder. After exiting the tool, all the sites disappeared.

So yeah, something is happening. I won’t be re-organizing any folders or sites anymore. Already lost 3 folders worth of sites, it’ll take me days to find out which were they and add all the feeds back in.

Wow, that was a horrible bug. I just pushed out the fix for it. It was due to the redesign changing how folders were stored on the back-end, but in this case it meant a mismatch between the front-end and the back-end.

If you’d like I would be happy to fix any missing folders and add them to your account. Just let me know your username and the folder title.

Thanks for the quick fix. In my case, I was able to restore what I needed by deleting my existing sites and importing an OPML. The feature that automatically emails out a backup OPML really pays off sometimes.

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