Moving Folders then Problems after restore

So I have all of my feeds in subfolders. Most of them are 2 levels deep, with only a few top level folders. I found that Reeder doesn’t support 2 levels of folders, so I thought I’d forgo my org scheme and move everything up one level. This is not an easy feat. You can’t move folders, so I created new top level folders and moved the feeds into those. But the problem is the feeds stayed in their old sub folders and some moved and some didn’t. It was quite a mess.

I gave up on that, then decided to restore from the OPML file. I think I first deleted everything so I wouldn’t end up with duplicates. Not sure if this would happen, but based on above seemed like a safe bet. The restore process never finished…or at least the animated icon indicated it wasn’t finished. Waited for a good 3 minutes wiht no change. Opened the site in a new tab, and it looked like everything was resotred.

I still need to go through and check to make sure all my feeds imported ok, but one thing I’m noticing is that all of my training appears to be lost. I probably would not have even bothered with any of the above if I’d know this.

At the very least, I hope the following can be looked at.

  • backup should include training data
  • there needs to be a better method for organizing sites and folders. allow us to move folders…not just the feeds inside.


It looks like my training is actually there. On first glance through my various folders, I was seeing article tags that should have been red, were just grey. So I assumed the training was just gone. I noticed the same issue today, but kept browsing, then noticed some red tags appearing while scrolling. So I refreshed the page/folder and all the red trained tags were hidden as expected.

So it looks like it might take a bit for this training to re-appear after a fresh import of the OPML.