Move to folder doesn't work (folder_view is not defined)


selecting “Move to folder” on the folder drop-down doesn’t do anything. But there is an error in console:

common.b407d2445704.js:1845 Uncaught ReferenceError: folder_view is not defined
    at y.show_confirm_move_menu_item (common.b407d2445704.js:1845:52)
    at common.b407d2445704.js:1929:414
    at Function.targetIs (common.b407d2445704.js:584:497)
    at y.handle_clicks (common.b407d2445704.js:1928:501)
    at HTMLBodyElement.<anonymous> (common.b407d2445704.js:586:188)
    at HTMLBodyElement.dispatch (common.b407d2445704.js:482:428)
    at HTMLBodyElement.Xa.handle (common.b407d2445704.js:478:347)
show_confirm_move_menu_item @ common.b407d2445704.js:1845
(anonymous) @ common.b407d2445704.js:1929
targetIs @ common.b407d2445704.js:584
handle_clicks @ common.b407d2445704.js:1928
(anonymous) @ common.b407d2445704.js:586
dispatch @ common.b407d2445704.js:482
Xa.handle @ common.b407d2445704.js:478

Thank you, Antonin

P.S. Huge thanks for the service :slight_smile: Happy long-term premium user.

Thanks for reporting this! I fixed the issue but I’m about to launch a redesign, so I’m going to hold off on deploying this for a couple days.

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