Move the Train/Save/Share buttons out of the story content section

Currently, NewsBlur puts three button – ‘Train’, ‘Save’, and ‘Share’ – in the right margin of story content. However, I feel that their current position does not make efficient use of screen space.

I have to admit, I rarely use any of those three features, so that margin really is just wasted space.

In long stories especially, that ~200px margin is empty for all but the bottom 100px. The three column view already constrains the width of a story pretty narrowly, so those 200px are really missed. In medium-long stories, those 200px could often be the difference of being able to see the entire story on one page, or having to scroll to read it all, which can have a large usability impact.

I know NewsBlur will move those buttons to a horizontal row at the end of the article on narrow screens – could that be the default? Just geometrically, it would take up less screen space, and have a more natural flow (after you read the last line of the article, the next line will allow you to train/save/share, rather than having to make the jump to the right margin to do so.)

Or, if you don’t make that change, then could there at least be an option to turn off those buttons entirely? Their functionality is still accessible in the story options drop-down menu.

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