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How is “Most used” determined for sorting of feeds? Is it based on the number of items read?

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Straight count of the number of times you open a site. I’m open to better heuristics, but adding something like a time decay is a bit of work, so I’m hesitant to implement that until I work on v3 of NewsBlur (v2 is Social, and v1 is what’s out there now). v3 will be Intelligence, which will include a bunch of options for which feeds get displayed.

Sam -

Is this getting brought back? Are we at v3 now?

How about having the sort be based on the percentage of feed stories actually “read” of the feed? IE, if I actually scroll through 20 stories out of 100, that feed has 20%. If I scroll through 6 stories of 8, that one has 75%. Marking stories as read would not count as reading them.

This would actually be helped by having a keyboard shortcut that moves to the next story without actually “reading” it.