Most of my sites went away


Most of my sites are missing this morning. Sometimes after reading my initial unread feed, all of my sites went away. I tired refreshing the screen but after I did that only 3 sites came back. I’ve tried logging out and back in, I even tried using a different browser (FireFox vs Chrome) which I’ve never used before but the others have not yet come back.

Is the site having problems or did I lose all of my settings?



You’re probably either in Focus mode or have somehow muted sites. Try this: Go on the web to Manage > Mute Feeds. See if they are all there.


Thanks Samuel, the sites were there and not muted, but I started looking around and there was an option at the bottom of the sites list that was checked that said “unread”. I had assumed this was for the story stream, but discovered there’s another setting for that one. I’m not sure how I turned it on, but that did resolve the issue. Thanks for the suggestions, it got me looking in the right places!


Ah-ha, that was the first option I mentioned - Focus mode. If you have 0 sites in a view, then there is a message that tells you the you are in Focus mode and should switch back to All or Unread. But 3 sites, and in this case just Unread, means the mode toggle (intelligence slider) is not all that discoverable.