More info in YouTube Feeds

Currently in YouTube feeds, we have a nice embedded Video, and the video description under it.
Before the while YouTube API change, the feeds also had info like the channel name (with a link), the duration of the video, views & ratings.

I very much miss the channel link and the duration part and would very much like this back (Ratings and views I don’t care about. That info is dynamic as well, so it’s redundant, since the feeds don’t continually update with this info).

Below I have made a mock up of what I think it should look like. Instead of it saying “From” it could say “User” or “Channel”, although I personally like that the channel link and duration time flush with eachother. Also, I have added a line to separate the info from the video description. (The same line used just above the video).


Ok, you got it, did just that. Although in my browser it already included that info.


Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!