More graceful load-next-articles

When I’m scrolling through my feeds, Newsblur tries to keep a batch of entries loaded so I can read them. It doesn’t always keep up, especially with microblog-style feeds (basically, just titles).

I assume the current server loading is part of the reason I’m seeing this so often. In any case, there’s no indication that more entries are loading. Some feedback for this would be nice.


Aha. Part of the problem is that I use “n” or “j” to go to the next article, and I try to keep the mouse cursor at the top of the article listing. That means one or two articles remain unread below the selected item, and the “load-next” never gets called.

In other words, it should be getting called when there are a few unread articles remaining, not when there are zero unread articles remaining.

It’s based on the scroll position of the story titles pane. I’m not sure where the pane is for you, but when it reaches the bottom, it should automatically call for more stories. Try scrolling the pane and see if it loads more stories. If not, it’s a bug, but one that I haven’t seen myself.

so I basically minimize the story title pane, which means it shows one or two stories. I need to make that bigger?

Yup, that sounds about right.

was able to repro this. The story pane is full of already-read stories, but I can’t scroll down or get it to load more stories. Will look around for your email address and send you a screenshot.

Ohhh, I see what the problem is. Ok, here’s the deal: The Everything view is extremely expensive to compute. In order to get the data back to you in a reasonable time, I cut it off at 25 feeds, chosen by the number of articles. See that little gray bar at the bottom of the story titles pane? That means you have reached the end.

There is a near-term plan to improve the River of News to work over a greater number of feeds, but it is tediously difficult to get right and fast at the same time.

For comparison, load up a single feed, scroll all the way to the bottom, and you’ll see the same gray bar, indicating that it’s over. Twitter uses a fancy little twiddle. I was thinking about that, but the gray bar is what I’ve had for a while.

I’m glad you understand what I’m seeing. I’m sure I’m not a median user, I have a couple hundred feeds, so I generally read in the ‘everything’ or at least folder-wide view.