Mobile App IOS7 Crashing

NewsBlur app on IOS 7 crashing. It’s not happening all time, but it’s often enough that it is a problem. Wondering if bugs have cropped up and if an update is in the works.

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What is causing the app to crash for you?

There is an almost-final version of the next Newsblur iOS app, which is more iOS 7 native, at — aside from a visual glitch or two I’ve had no problems with this version.

Hey, what’s that glitch?! This release is supposed to be flawless. I discovered one in profiles in landscape, but it’s a harmless spacing bug.

In the all/unread/focus control on the main screen, the green dot is no longer green, and it looks like the shadows are being drawn in the same color as the text so the text ends up looking vertically stretched.

I couldn’t reproduce the other issues I was having with navbar rendering, so you may have fixed them.

Nice catch on the segmented control. I have redrawn them and they look much better now.

Great! I at least documented another issue I had been seeing — unfortunately this one I have only seen intermittently. Note the lack of the normal bottom-of-screen buttons here, either when I scroll to the top or bottom.

(Wish it had happened on a less bizarre story, but oh well. :slight_smile: