Hi! My (unpaid) standard account list currently 102 subscription sites, but when I try to choose my 64 sites there are probably 30 or so displayed with around 14 turned on. I can’t turn on anymore sites because my counter stands at 64/102, though my active sites with the switch on “On” are only 14.

I came via google reader und uploaded my subs through an XML-file…can you please look into that issue?

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Sure, what’s your username? By the way, going premium clears this issue up, but it should work for free users.

Hi Samuel, thanks for the quick reply. My username is “markuskraxner”, I’m still testing Newsblur after the google-reader-demise and use it mainly to fetch work-related topics, in which it is doing a pretty good job so far - so if I’m going to really exceed my feed-limit in the future and I’m still satisfied I’ll go premium anyway - but I want some more time trying “for real”.

Thanks for the support, much appreciated!

So I found all the feeds and if you refresh you’ll see them now, too. Do you know what happened to those feeds? Did you delete them by any chance? There may be a bug with the OPML upload, but I want to make sure.

Thanks everything#s there again. You’re right, I deleted most of them through the “Delete this site” function offered through the triangle hiding under the favicon of each feed - I didn’t think about this causing problems.