Mischarged for premium: $36 instead of $24

I believe I’ve been mischarged for my subscription, and nobody has responded to multiple emails regarding this issue. When I signed up, I was told the premium service is $24, but my credit card has since been charged $36. I’d still very much like to use and support your service, but I don’t appreciate the poor customer service so far.

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I think it’s a pay what you want sort of system, There’s a checkbox saying “I’m feeling generous” on the order form. If you select that, it charges $36 instead. It does change the value listed on the form when you do that though.

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I’ve been out of town since Thursday and have had limited access to email. Anyway, you selected the “I’m Feeling Generous” option, which ups the price to $36. I’m more than happy to offer you a full refund, just send me your username. And you get to keep the premium account.


Thanks, Kazriko - I may have missed that, as I was signing up right before heading to work and in a bit of a rush.

OTOH, it seems pretty shady to say on the front page that the premium charge is $24/yr and then set the default as $36. And the fact that after two emails over the course of a week, nobody from the company could be bothered to get back to me with a simple answer or solution is really annoying.

I think the “generous” checkbox is pretty clear. It doesn’t default to $36, you need to check the box to up the amount to $36.

Thanks, Boris, but I disagree - my interpretation was that checking the box that makes me “generous” means I’m choosing for the paid, $24 premium service rather than setting up an account for the free version. In fact, I went back now just to check again - and there’s only one plan listed with a single checkbox above it, no mention of multiple price plans. It may not be dishonest per se, but it’s a crappy way to set up a sign-up form.

As I mentioned, I was in a hurry - clearly too much of a hurry - and didn’t notice the price bump when I ticked it. It’s not a huge deal, just $12, but I’d have appreciated somebody from the company following up and feel a bit put out by the experience.

“someone from the company” did follow up, 3 hours before you posted this comment, Mike.

Be sure to contact Samuel about his offer, he’s actually the founder of the company and primary programmer for the site.

Hi Samuel - no need for a refund. I originally posted this just to find out what had happened, because I was legitimately confused by the charge situation and thought it was a problem with the system and not an alternative payment option. Your site is the best replacement I’ve come across for Reader so far and I’d like to support it. But I would recommend revising the sign-up form at some point so people are aware of the multiple payment options in advance. Thanks for following up!