Miscellaneous Feed Issues


I’m having three problems with feeds as I try to add them to NewsBlur

  1. I can add this feed for Mike and Tom Eat Snacks - http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/287… - but NewsBlur never recognizes anything associated with the feed except in original view.

  2. I try to add the RSS feed for TheBrowser - http://feeds.thebrowser.com/BestOfThe… - but when I do, the little circle to the right of the feed name never stops turning. In feed view, the most recent story I see is from the end of August. I know the site has been updated since then.

  3. I tried to add individual feeds for programs at the sports radio station in Vancouver. I imported separate feeds for the shows from Google Reader:

And a few more. Now all that appears is a single feed: http://www.teamradio.ca/rss/, which is a feed I never added to NewsBlur.

Am I doing something wrong?

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