Menu Bar to Bottom?

I’ve always used 3rd party apps to surf NewsBlur, bur I’ve recently started trying the official app. I like it, but it’s a pain having the menu bar at the top of the screen. It requires me to use two hands, because my thumb can’t reach the buttons up top.

Is there any way to move the menu bar to the bottom of the screen?

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No answer on this?

What actions are you trying to perform? The menu bar has the settings menu, but that’s a one-off that shouldn’t need access on every feed/folder. There’s the mark as read button, and that I could see adding an alternate gesture or something to make up for it.

I personally think reading apps should have all of the controls at the top, since by default you don’t need the controls and they are in the way on the bottom.

Yes, the button to mark all as read is exactly what I need. If it were at the bottom, I could browse with one hand, but at the top, I have to hold the phone with one hand and reach up to click the button with the other.

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