@mentioning other users in comments

can this be done already?
if not, can it be added.
its a nice feature that ignites conversation.


While I like this idea, it’s a hefty amount of work that I don’t think is as necessary on NewsBlur as it is elsewhere. I’d love to implement this, but it’s not so hard to keep track of what your friends are sharing or if they reply to you.

this happens to be one of the main things im looking for …
i might not be your targer customer (though i did pay :slight_smile:

i read and share with friends and family.
i @mention them in shares so they can see the article.
i double they will click on me daily to see what im sharing…

its more about getting a notification to trigger the conversation.
maybe just make it possible to share with specific users when sharing an article.
i dont really care about the mentioning part. more just letting someone know i want them to read the article… and then both be able to comment on it.

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There’s this site called Twitter…